Frequently Asked Questions

Selling an Item

Do you charge a commission for each sale?

No, Dervy feels it is better to charge a modest monthly fee, no commission and no listing fee. Our mission is to connect buyers and sellers!

How do I list an item for sale?

Once you are an approved seller you will receive onboarding information to begin listing your products for sale. We pride ourselves on offering an easy backend for sellers to quickly add, modify and delete products.

I produce unique items, how can I become a seller?

If you would like to be considered to become a Dervy seller, CLICK HERE and submit your information.


Can I complete the onboarding and list products on the App?

Yes, you can use the web, Android, or iOS app to complete the onboarding as well as adding and managing your products and orders.

I work out of my home do I have to show my address?

No, under several of the company profile fields you will see a box with a checkmark. If you do not want that information to be shown publicly just remove the check mark.

My hours are not the same every week, do I need to keep modifying them?

No, each item you enter you have the option of modifying the delivery hours. So as long as your items have the correct times you are available to deliver items you are fine.

I want to accept real-time payments. However, I do not have a merchant account what do I need to do?

Please follow this link and it will direct you to Stripe. They offer a no monthly fee account. They do charge a processing fee per order. Once you setup your account you will be given a unique Publishable Key and a Secret Key. You will enter them on our payments tab in your seller profile. You can complete your profile and then come back and enter the two keys.

I already have a Stripe account what do I need to do in order to accept payments on Dervy?

You can log into your Stripe account and you will see both your Publishable and Secret Key. Copy this information and paste it into your Payments section in My Profile.

I need to charge sales tax on some of my products is that possible?

Yes, you can create several different tax rates in the My Profile section. Then when you add an item if you need to charge sales tax you simply select the tax rate applicable.

Am I able to select where I deliver and what I charge?

Yes, you determine what zip codes you offer delivery. You can set a default delivery fee for all zip codes, but you are also able to set delivery fee for each zip code.

Adding A Product

Are you able to edit an item that is live?

Absolutely, go to your products tab and swipe left you and will be able to disable, edit, or delete your listing.

I make food items that are made to order. I need time to prepare them how does this work?

For each item you list you are able to enter a lead time. We calculate the lead time to determine when an item is available to be delivered. For example, if you have a lead time of 2 hours on an item

How big of a window do I have to deliver an item?

We show the buyers windows of two to four hours for delivery times. You also set what days and times you are available to deliver. You set your default times but you can also edit these times at the item level.

Can I control how many of a product I am able to sell and for how long it is available?

Absolutely, we allow you for each item you list to determine how many you have available to sell, for how long you want it listed, and even when you are available to deliver it.

I took 4 pictures, how can I change which one is the default image?

In the lower right corner is a circle. The image with the red in it is the default. To change the default image simply click on the circle for the image you want to become the default image.

My item fits into more than one category, can I list in more than one?

Yes, you can select up to 3 categories that apply to your item.

Do you charge any listing or sales commissions?

No, we do not charge any listing or commission fees. In fact, at this time we are not even charging a monthly fee so feel free to list away.

Do I have control of the name, price and description of the items I list?

Yes, you are in complete control. You determine everything about all of your listings on the Dervy platform.