Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an Item

Am I buying the item from Dervy or someone else?

Dervy is an online marketplace. We are not the seller of any items listed. Dervy allows select sellers to list items for sale on the marketplace.

Who do I pay for an item?

When you purchase an item, you are buying it directly from the seller. As a marketplace, we feel it is better to allow buyer and seller to work together on the transaction and that includes payment.

How do I know where and when an item will be delivered?

When you are searching for an item to purchase you can use the filter to only show items available at a certain date and/or time. You can also let the seller know when you would like delivery during checkout.

Can I include a card with an item?

Of course! Prior to checking out, you will be able to enter a message for the recipient. You can also include who the sender of the item is. Finally, if you have any special instructions we also have a place for that.

Receiving an Item

Who will deliver the item?

Dervy is a marketplace to allow sellers to sell items, we do not arrange the delivery. Each seller on Dervy is responsible for the delivery. We think it is best to allow the seller of an item to be responsible for delivery. This way there is only one company involved in the entire process.

How do I know when the item will arrive?

Prior to checkout you will enter the date and delivery window you would like the item delivered. This gives you a good idea of when the item will be delivered. You can also see on the item page the name and contact information of the seller. You are always welcome to contact the seller to get specific delivery information.

Does someone need to be available to receive the item?

Most items will require a signature upon delivery. You can contact the seller prior to purchase to discuss making arrangements for the delivery.

I received an item and I love it, is there a way I can let the seller know how much we enjoyed it?

Feedback is very important to let others know about a seller. Dervy will send you a request to leave feedback on items purchased. Since these are verified reviews it will help other buyers know about your experience. We encourage all buyers to leave feedback after making a purchase.

Becoming a Seller

How do I know which products can be delivered to my address?

Delivery of all items on Dervy are determined by zip code. You simply enter a zip code and the items that can be delivered to that zip code will populate!

I changed my address and the price changed, why?

When an item is added to Dervy, the seller determines which zip codes they deliver the item to. Sellers also determine the delivery cost (usually determined by how far they are located from the delivery zip code).

How do I know when a product can be delivered?

Dervy offers both a sort and filter feature to help you find the exact product you would like, when you would like it. The filter will allow you to select the date as well as delivery window. If you filter to a specific delivery date/window the results shown will only be products available on that date and delivery window.

Can I search for a specific type of item to be delivered?

Dervy has a filter as well as a search bar. You can filter by each category type. You can also select more than one category to show you a larger variety of items. If you know the details of a specific item you are looking for, you can use the search bar.

Can I order something to be delivered next week?

Yes, Dervy allows you to specify the date and delivery window you would like to have an item delivered. You can use the delivery window filter or find your item and select the delivery date and window at checkout.