Grow Your Business With Dervy

  1. List Products
  2. Accept Orders
  3. Get Paid

List Products

You can easily list products for sale from a smart phone or desktop computer. As a seller, you maintain complete control of the product listing, specifically: delivery area, product and delivery cost, description, delivery times, payment terms, and much more. All product listings show the seller name and the contact information you choose to share. Most importantly, we do not charge a listing or commission fee. We simply charge a small, flat monthly fee. Our goal as a marketplace is to help you grow your business and connect with consumers.

Accept Orders

Once your products are live, users can easily find your items on They will see all the details regarding your product, including: cost, product information, delivery dates, delivery time windows, and more. The buyers will be able to see what payment methods you accept and place an order. A buyer enters all of the delivery information needed, as well as their contact information, which simplifies the order fulfillment process.

Get Paid

Once a user purchases an item, they are prompted to complete the transaction with the payment methods you accept. We offer a variety of payment options. If you have a Stripe payment account, you can link it directly to your Dervy account and offer real-time payment. If you do not have a Stripe account, and would like to accept real-time payments we provide a link to a no monthly fee account.