About Us

Welcome to Dervy.com
Dervy.com was created by a team of e-commerce veterans who identified a need to offer quality products, at a fair price, in the local community.
The team started in e-commerce prior to 2000 when the internet was just beginning. We understand that making customers happy is critical for business growth.
Today you can get many products delivered in an hour from a variety of outlets. However, we wanted to offer something more. We wanted to create a marketplace that local consumers could find local and non-local businesses who can deliver same day products.
Our vision is a national marketplace that can bring you the cupcakes for that last minute office party, decorations for a house party, that something special for your someone special and just about anything you could want to be delivered within a few hours.
We have found sellers offering a great variety of products. We are constantly looking for sellers in new areas.
As we grow we hope to become your source or products for those that mean the most to you.