February 14 is a special day for everyone; For Howard, it is also his Wife’s birthday. In 2018, he was calling all around Houston for Tropical Flowers. He didn’t have any luck and he thought to himself, there’s gotta be an app to make this easier. He researched and realized there was nothing out there for this. The idea for Dervy was born.


Howard developed the website but never launched. In February 2019, he ran into the same exact problem when looking for a gift. Finally, he told himself he needs to do something about this. He brought on Ricco to help with sales and marketing to get the app off the ground. 


We soft launched Dervy in September with 16 merchants live on the site. We are now at 21 merchants with 15 in the process of on-boarding. With only 2 of us, we cannot keep up with marketing the app, and meeting new merchants to grow Dervy’s array of products.


Dervy is currently operating in Houston and surrounding areas. Pending a successful launch, we plan to move to other cities in Texas. Our vision for Dervy is that it becomes the go-to place when you want last minute cupcakes for an office party, a surprise anniversary gift for their loved one, or just a way to say “thank you.”


Meet The Dervy Team

Howard Stone

Howard is a native Houstonian and even a graduate of the University of Houston.  He has been involved in many local business and community activities. Howard and his wife owned a local sporting goods company in the Bellaire area from 1999-2014 that was also online.  Howard has been involved in many online and brick-and-mortar businesses and understands the issues all business owners face.

Ricco Ramos

Ricco and his Wife recently moved to Texas from Illinois. He brings 4 years of startup sales with him. He grew up in an entrepreneurial family. His grandpa owned a bus transportation service, Uncle owned a retail clothing shop, and his parents currently own a hair salon. Whether the business is big or small, he understands your world.